San Pedro Sula East Mission
2013 - 2016

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

They're Already Leaving . . . and . . . Roatan

It's hard to describe the amazing bond you feel with each one of these precious missionaries.  Truly the spirit quickens our experiences together so that almost instantly we feel such a deep respect, love and concern for each one of these precious missionaries.  Sadly . . . . as in all church callings . . . the ones leaving are the most experienced, the best examples, the strongest and the best of all the best of the missionaries.

They have gained valuable insight during their service in regards to dealing with uncertainties in life, new food, new cultures, new language, rejection, barking dogs, working with "golden" investigators, working with reluctant investigators, setting goals, making plans, dealing with gossip - bad weather - disappointment, how to get families to church for the first time, inviting and recognizing the spirit, keeping an eternal perspective.

And then . . .

it's over . . .

in the blink of an eye . . .

And they take all those incredible insights back home with them.

To bless their lives forever more.

But it makes us sad . . .

To see them go.


Well done.

Well done.

Thought I'd change the subject for just a moment . . .

Here's a glimpse of where we spent Sunday meeting and greeting missionaries and members.  I know you want to see it . . .  but we'll try not to rub it in . . .

It's a hard thing to travel to such beautiful places on earth . . .

But someone has to do it - right?

The Branch President and his wife were wonderful hosts, picking us up at the airport
and taking us to our hotel, clear across the island from their home.
They also arranged for a ride to church for us . . .
Then spent the following day assisting us to see a little bit of the island,
visit the apartments of the missionaries
and visit with various members of the church on the island.

A mini miracle . . .
A darling cute sister from the branch  was on our ferry crossing to Roatan.  She
introduced herself, and then invited us to have lunch with them after church
on Sunday!  We spent a lovely lunchtime with them.
The most miraculous part . . .
Neither of us knew when we met how much we would each
come to appreciate the other and experience the blessing of our lives
interacting for just a short time together.
Our Heavenly Father truly watches out for each of us . . .
and sends angels . . .
When we need them.
"for your heavenly Father aknoweth that ye have need of all these things".
--Matthew 6:32







We dropped in unexpectedly on these elders on their P-day.
Must to our surprise - their apartment was spotless.
Well done - elders!!
The view from their apartment.  Not quite the ocean
view of the other set of elders . . . but really a great view.

View from the missionaries apartment - Roatan

These missionaries are outstanding!
What a pleasure to visit their beautiful corner of the world.
We are blessed.
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