San Pedro Sula East Mission
2013 - 2016

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Working with the Best of the Best

We had our first Missionary Leadership Council – these used to be called Zone Leader Council and were held monthly, but have recently been updated by the church to include the presence of the newly organized Sister Training Leaders as well as the mission presidents wife.    

Sister Training Leaders are newly formed leadership roles for the sister missionaries as a larger percentage of missionaries are woman, much more now than ever before.  The STL are responsible for the training and welfare of all the female missionaries – a great responsibility.  They still proselyte but participate in training and evaluating the needs of all our sisters. 


They along with the zone leaders report directly to the mission president.  Interestingly . . . the wives of mission presidents are asked to also play a larger role in looking to the welfare and training of the sister missionaries! 

Anyway . . . it didn't take us long to discover that this group of young missionaries are the best of the best.  


As we met with these outstanding leaders . . . the cream of the crop really . . . our 14 amazing zone leaders, two sister training leaders, two assistants to the president, myself and the president – it’s apparent that these young people will accomplish great things!  

It was such an honor to be in their presence and sense their urgency and desire to share Heavenly Father’s plan with all the communities within our mission boundaries.

IMG_0291IMG_0296 IMG_0305   

We are the new kids on the block and probably did things very unconventionally in regards to what they are used to in the past.  But we were touched as each person had an opportunity to contribute what their thoughts were on the vision for the mission and how we should proceed as we make plans.  It really gave us a foundation to get to know these young people and already we are so saddened as we realize that many of them will be completing their time in Honduras here very shortly. 

IMG_0295 MTL council 1

The meeting ended with a few minutes to visit with friends
and previous companions, a quick bite of Little Caesar's Pizza
for lunch . . .

And they were out the door and back to their areas.

So proud of each of these inspiring missionaries.

mlt council 2

What amazing examples they are to their peers and to ourselves as well.  

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