San Pedro Sula East Mission
2013 - 2016

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Just a glimpse of our Mission Tour

       It's been a whirlwind tour since we arrived in Honduras.  Particularly this first 10 days trying to get oriented to life in Honduras, the big city of San Pedro Sula, a new home, new foods and cultures safety issues.  One thing we know for sure . . . the missionary work is amazing!  The gospel is true, and the lives and hearts of the members of the church here in Honduras are so blessed by the light of the gospel in their lives.

We know that the doctrine of the church is the same in all places . . . but if you haven't had opportunity to travel outside of the United States (or even Utah!!) you may not know that the circumstances of the Church are not the same in all parts of the world.



       It was a great blessing in our lives to visit a small organized group of Latter-day Saints who struggle to hold onto the church in their little town, far removed from any larger branch or ward.  Transportation here is impossible for many people.  They don't have access to a car, or money even for a bus or taxi to attend church meetings if they are located far from their home.  A priesthood leader of a ward or branch travels to them as frequently as possible to preside and administer the sacrament.  They have such strong testimonies and want their children to learn gospel principles and be raised in a home where gospel principles are practiced.  They long for an opportunity to have the organization of the church, it's principles and practices, doctrine and teachings to be part of their lives, homes, families and community.




These struggling members hope they can get their few youth out on missions and have them return to provide leadership in their areas upon their return.  The daily struggles for life and to earn a living places many distractions in the way of continued strength through priesthood leadership in this humble country.  The strong Latter-day Saints here have such valiant testimonies and their whole lives revolve around constantly trying to provide increased strength and growth in the area in which they live.

The experiences that really lift our hearts is when we have opportunity to be in the homes of the members.  Throughout the mission and especially outside the cities most live in the humblest of circumstances.  Yet, they delight to have us come for a visit.  They are very honored if we will have dinner in their home.  I'm astounded at the lengths they go to to prepare a good, safe meal for us!  They will never join you for the meal (probably because they are using every single plate, cup or utensil they have in the home to feed you!) but will sit and visit with you while you eat.  This lovely family prepared a meal for 8 of us!  Our four sister missionaries serving in their little town in Santa Rita, Honduras, our two AP's and ourselves.

santa rita 1


Lunch with the sisters

It's easy to see why the young children love the sister missionaries!
What a wonderful example they are!



These two elders have taken great care of us!
Elder Moreno and Elder Mackay - great leaders and examples . . .
examples for us as well as we come to know and love the missionaries and people
of Honduras.
One last shot . . .

An illustration of the hard work and dedication of the missionaries here in the San Pedro Sula East mission.  These two elders are  . . .

Walkin' the walk,
and talkin' the talk

hitting the dirt roads that frequent the streets of the San Pedro Sula East mission in the hot heat of the day, day after day . . . we couldn't be prouder of them and their dedication to serving the Lord.

Bless their hearts and their poor little feet - who both take a beating every day in their service.
  Walking the walk
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