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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Missionary First Aid Kit

I recently shared on my Facebook page that I was so happy to talk to missionaries who actually had in their possession a decent first aid kit.  One of my responsibilities as mission mom is to help the missionaries with their health care needs.

I'm telling you . . . . if you are home sick with a fever of 103 degrees, it's not much fun to get out of bed and go looking for medication somewhere in a little village.  And guess what??  Your companion can't go look for it and bring it back!

So for starters . . . I would consider sending some basic over the counter medications and first aid supplies with your missionary!  Keep all medications in their original boxes with instructions and dosage intact.

I personally recommend single purpose medications.  Medications that don't treat every symptom of a cold.  That way you just treat the symptoms that you have . . . congestion, fever, sore throat, headache and not all of the above everytime.

For instance:

Basic Pain relievers

Antihistamine for allergies or allergic reaction
       Benedryl (great for an allergic reaction but causes drowsiness)

       Sudafed (it's behind the pharmacy counter, just ask)

Heartburn or upset stomach

       Immodium (see comments section)

Cough medication
       Cough drops
       Robitussen (something with guaifenisin)

Cold / flu medication
       One good strong cold medication for when you do have all the signs and symptoms,
       that offers relief for 12 hours.

       1% Hydrocortisone cream

Athlete's Foot (Missionaries are really prone to getting this, especially in warm climates)
       Anti-fungal powder for everyday use if in a tropical climate

Prescription medications as needed

First aid supplies:
       Band aids (a variety)
       Hand sanitizer
       Cold pack
       Sterile gauze pads
       Moleskins (for blisters)
       Basic sewing kit
       Thermometer (a must have!!)
       Antiseptic wipes
       Freezer baggies - quart size - to make additional hot/cold packs
       Booklet or brochure with basic first aid information
       At least a couple pairs of medical latex gloves
       Roller gauze
       2 sizes of Ace wrap


BE SURE - that your missionary knows if he/she has allergies to any medications or substances.
Remind your missionaries to always read and follow the label instructions.


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