San Pedro Sula East Mission
2013 - 2016

Friday, July 5, 2013

And Finally . . . What we Came here to do!

Just a glimpse of the work in progress with the missionaries
here in Honduras, San Pedro Sula East Mission!

Our first zone meeting so we could meet the missionaries
and they could meet us!  We introduced ourselves and shared our testimonies
and a little information about our family, children, grandchildren and "perro".
At our first meeting the sisters prepared a lovely welcome poster for us
and welcomed us with a beautiful hymn they had prepared!
The two sisters on the left front row are our Sister Training Leaders.  They are
our first here in this newly created role to represent and assist with all
the sisters missionaries.  They will participate in the 
Mission Leadership Council
along with Presidente and myself, plus the the Asistentes and
the Zone leaders.  The Council meets monthly to plan and organize
missionary training.
All I can say is they are awesome!  I'm so impressed!

This humble wonderful women fed us today when we were starving! Our first and I'm certain the best Honduran meal - gracias Hermana :)

This lovely sister welcomed us into her humble home after a 
few days of being on the road without regular (or any) mealtimes.
We were starving!  She nourished us both physically and spiritually.
She has sent 5 missionaries from her family out to serve!

Nuestros Asistantes! And one of the most beautiful chapels I've seen. In Tocoa, Honduras

It was an unexpected sight to see such a beautiful chapel in the
middle of Tocoa, Honduras.  
These are our two right hand Elderes - nuestros Asistentes!
We would be lost without their assistance and guidance.  
(And driving lessons :)
Kinda scary to take driving lessons from 21 year old young men :)

Mission tour
We had the great opportunity to visit another humble home
of some beautiful members of the church in Sonaguerra. A tiny little town!
Their 18 year old son leaves tomorrow to serve a mission
in Columbia.  Presidente was able to visit with the family before he set him apart to
serve as a missionary for the
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
It was so inspiring to see the way the little branch rallied around the family
and many aunts, uncles and cousins arrived for the occasion even though
most of them aren't members of the church.  Some great opportunities there for
missionary work!



This was our 9th stop in 7 days!
Our last and final district meeting in Satelite.  It is the area closest to where
we live in San Pedro Sula.  Still it is 30 minutes away from either the
mission home or office.  
We are in a little bit of a predicament as our mission home and office are 
located outside of our mission boundaries.  Usually missionaries are not allowed to 
travel outside of the mission boundaries for any reason.  (Actually the Presidente also - except for rare
exceptions).  So we have a challenge to figure out meeting locations and how
to accomplish all our training and arriving and departing of 
new missionaries!


This is a small cell phone shot - the missionaries here welcomed us
with lei's.  It's not a tradition here but our one Elder from Hawaii sent
for them from his family in Hawaii!  We felt very warmly welcomed by
a beautiful rousing song they greeted us with in the hallway as we came into
the building.

honduras collage
We wondered why we needed to have a four wheel drive
vehicle here (since frequently that is what the drug dealers drive apparently and are stopped
by the military police from time to time)
but soon discovered it's not at all to unusual to drive across rivers after roads have been
washed out by the heavy rains.

Honduras 2

Many of our missionaries serve in coastal cities with great
seaside vistas.  What you can't see are the armed guards that patrol the 
beaches to keep them safe for visitors in the more populated areas.

honduras collage 3

We had dinner one evening with two branch presidents.  It was very 
eye opening to visit with them and discoverer the incredible challenges they
experience every day as they serve here in Honduras, mostly in the rural areas.
It's not unusual to have 80 members attending Sacrament meeting on Sunday
and to have 1200 members on their membership records that they
have stewardship over.  
The young branch president on the left with his wife is 22 years old and has the challenge of
counseling his members about the important of marriage and family commitments.

honduras 4
There are so many beautiful sights as you look around you everywhere you go.
I love the worn shoes of the Elders that represent many miles walked,
many puddles, lakes and rivers crossed, many long walks to appointments and
home again at the end of a long day.
They are valiant servants.
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