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Heard in Honduras . . .

Heard in Honduras . . .


 The best of missionary blogs :)

I don't know if you have time to occasionally read some of the awesome Honduras missionary blogs in the right sidebar . . . if you do, you know how inspiring and fun they are!  I don't know why everyone in the world doesn't want to be a missionary in Honduras!!??

Anyway . . .

Thought I would share some of the 
fun and inspiring things . . .

Heard in Honduras.
(accompanied by the faces of missionary work!)
"So for the past few weeks or so I´ve been really contemplating and thinking about what my vision could be here in the mission, and I finally finished! My objective here in the mission is the same as every other missionary, "Invite others to come unto Christ," but how could I PERSONALLY do that? I studied my patriarchal blessing to find my own personal talents and gifts that I can contribute to help these people, our brothers and sisters to come to know of the truth. And I found a scripture in 3 Nephi 18 that talks about holding up your light, and that Jesus Christ himself is the light the we should hold up. 

So how can I hold up the light of Christ? By becoming like him. So a lot of my goals are focused around studying the life of Christ, studying his attributes and trying to apply them into this work and into my life. It´s incredible how different of an outlook it has given me. I feel more of a genuine desire to talk to people and am starting to love them even more! "

"I had divisions this week with Elder _____________, one of our Zone Leaders. He's a really good guy and a good missionary! When we got back to the house that night we had a little bit of a heart to heart talk. We started with a prayer and he told me some of the attributes I have that he has noticed. He said that I am really obedient, I try to follow all the rules. That I am very observant, and like to see and take in everything that happens before I start to speak, and that I am really patient in criticizing anyone. I think he is right about all of those things. But I was thinking about the me before the mission, and I can see pretty clearly some of the changes that I have gone through! I'm definitely not the same person I was when I left! But I like all the changes that I can see. The Lord is helping me change into the person I need to be!"

"I accidentally locked our key in the apartment on friday night, so we went and got the locksmith. He came to our house, but instead of bringing a lockpicking kit or something of that regard he brought brought a laminated piece of paper!! He pulled out this piece of paper and proceeded to try and open it the way you would do with your credit card. And that didn´t work so he took out his wallet and pulled out one of his other laminated papers and tried some more. He just sat there giggling the door with this piece of paper in the door crack for about five minutes. Then the door opened, but only an inch, which makes no sense. So I took a closer look and realized he didn´t actually unlock the door he just broke our door frame! Oh, Honduras... He was really nice about it though, he came back and nailed the door frame back together but then the door wouldn´t close! So he asked us if we had a knife and he proceeded to whittle away our door frame with our kitchen knife. When all was said and done our door works better than it ever did before, so that rocks."

"So this week I would like to focus my email on the topic of the importance of the little things that we do every day. What brings good habits? Good habits bring results that are good. What shall we do to see these great results? We must be obedient in all that we do. We must be obedient at all times, no matter the circumstances. ¨Selective obedience¨ isn’t the way. We must all stay steadfast and obedient during both times of good and times of turmoil. When we do things with obedience we will see that we can do all things in worthiness, and this is when we put ourselves where we will have to be to have uplifting thoughts and actions. Our gap in our standards and the world’s standards should be greater every day. Set your bar high and keep it there. Just because the world’s standards are lowering, does not mean that we should lower our personal standards. When we keep our standards high we will reap the benefits later. We may have to stand alone at times, but I tell you with all my heart it is worth it."

"One of the biggest miracles came yesterday, when as we were going to church with some investigators when we arrived a car showed up, and to our surprise was the wife and daughter of a family that we had invited to church the day before. What faith is that! This family has been so amazing. We found them as we were knocking on doors. They invited us back and we have continued teaching them. They have read all of the pamphlets and many chapters in the Book of Mormon, all in the matter of 2 weeks or so. The biggest miracle came when we were in church, the Bishop’s wife when walking out saw this lady and recognized her and ran over and began talking with her. To our surprise they were in college together, from then on, this wonderful member was by the side of this lady and her daughter. I find that to be one of the most special times, to see the members mingling with investigators and helping them."

"This week was interesting. Elder __________   and I had divisions with the President's Assistants. (I think that's how you say it in English...) It was awesome! I went to their area with Elder ___________. He's from Colorado and is a really good missionary! I always like working with other people because there are little things that you can learn from everyone. He legitimately talked with EVERYONE that we saw. I usually pick and choose the people I decide to talk to based on if they are busy or if they look like they are ready to accept the message. But he really talked with everyone who would listen. And by doing that we actually found a whole lot of people who I wouldn't have guessed would be interested, but they really were. He told me something like this, "God gives the best references. If we show Him that He can trust us, He will put the people who are prepared right in front of us. We just gotta talk to them." 

"We went to visit Hna Wendy, the menos activos (less active member), and we found her on the side of the road waiting for a taxi. She had been waiting for a while and I just felt like she was thirsty and I know she doesn't have much money so I bought her a bag of water that is like 2 lempiras. And I gave it to her and she was like, "How did you know I was thirsty?" And I really didn't know. I just felt like I should buy her the water. but she drank it up so fast and I just know that it was the Spirit that prompted me to buy it for her to satisfy her temporal needs. It was a tender mercy for me to be able to serve her."

"We were late for church and then our investigators were walking super slow and I was worried we wouldn’t be able to take the sacrament, but no we got there! Attendance went up by 53 this week - from 97 to 150! It was incredible! Everyone in the ward worked really hard this week. We ended up having 7 investigators in church! We normally have like 1 or 2! But it was such a miracle and it felt like such a success. But what made it even better was to see all the less actives and inactives that went! People that hadn’t been to church in months or even years! I saw them and I was like "I played a part in that :)" After sacrament meeting was over we were gathering everyone up to take them to class and I felt like a hen gathering her little chicks. It was so cute. And everyone was coming up and hugging me and saying hi and talking to me and my comp and it just felt so good :) So maybe I had the worst experience physically that day, but spiritually I felt so so good!"

"Also this week I was working on llenando un libro de Mormon (filling a Book of Mormon), marking the scriptures that I like to use when I teach. I was surprised and humbled to see the number of scriptures that I felt were worth marking. The Lord really has blessed us by giving us the book of Mormon. He directed the prophets to fill it with doctrine, all of which we can apply and use to mejorar (improve). I loved reading and seeing all the different scriptures that there are. Funny thing was, on Sunday, I felt that I should carry the book that I had spent hours filling. While we were toquing (knocking) doors on Sunday, we met a joven (young guy) that was really interested in the Book of Mormon. I have a testimony that he was prepared to receive more of the palabra de Dios (word of God). Now we just have to follow up and get him to read!

"Today we went with the other Hermanas and visited the sweetest old lady ive ever met named Margarita. You have to take a bus 30 minutes and walk another 20 minutes to get to her house. Margarita is totally blind and has raised her 4 year old grandson all by herself. I dont know how she does it. She is alone all day long and was so thankful to receive visitors. She told us her kids live close to her, but never stop by to see her so we told her she can adopt us as her new daughters. I got to brush and braid her hair for her. She is a great example of  Elder Uchtdorfs talk this conference,  showing gratitude no matter your circumstances. "

"And finally, You know you´re in Honduras when: Elder ________ says "That´s a nice tie." and Elder __________  says, "Thanks. I got it in my christmas package... last week."

Just a little glimpse of some of the 
goings on  . . .

Here in Honduras!

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Of Challenges and Blessings . . .

There is no doubt . . . that if you are a missionary, it's a life full
of both blessings and challenges . . .

Sometimes that's how we really know if we're focused on the work . . .

Because you experience each day both the blessings and the challenges that always seem to come together.  No one says it better than the dearly loved President of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, President Boyd K. Packer -

"It was meant to be that life would be a challenge.  To suffer
some anxiety, some depression, some disappointment, even some
failure is normal."
"Teach our members that if they have a good, miserable day
once in a while, or several in a row, to stand steady and face them.  Things
will straighten out".
"There is great purpose in our struggle in life".

There is great purpose in our struggle in life.

No where is that more true than in the life of a missionary.

As missionaries struggle with the many challenges of missionary life . . . they relate well to the struggles their investigators are experiencing as they are also adapting to a new lifestyle.  A life within the realm of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which requires repentance, leaving behind old habits and practices, and being willing to set all aside for the blessings of peace and joy that come as one embraces the restored Gospel.  How does one do this?

Only through faith.  Faith and a knowledge that our Heavenly Father loves us, and . . .

 "that all these things shall give theeeexperience, and shall be for thy good"
-- Doctrine & Covenants 122:7

The model of the mission!

For many if not all of our missionaries . . . the mission is a small model of what they can expect from life's experiences.  The emotional difficulties and challenges they surmount here, will give them greater strength in their life to come,  as they will surely experience other challenges and opportunities for growth.

Many of the good (or bad for that matter!) habits they develop during this time in their life will stay with them throughout their life, either as a blessing or a detriment . . . depending on the effort they put into this missionary lifestyle.

As missionaries consecrate their efforts and focus more on doing our Heavenly Father's will, and being led by the Spirit.  Marvelous things start to happen . . .

Just wanted to share a few experiences from the mission field in the  . . .

Honduras San Pedro Sula East Mission.

   You arrive in a foreign country, very much unlike that one you have spent your whole life in and it's a lot to take in, especially in the beginning.  It's hard, you may not love it immediately.  And in all those experiences of finding, teaching and testifying the Spirit changes hearts.  Missionaries who have returned all say the same thing . . . "it was hard to come, but it's harder to leave".  It's experiences like the following that cause the mighty change to occur.

"Not long ago we baptized one of our investigators and it was an amazing occasion accompanied much by the Spirit.  We have watched him progress all the way through since the day we found him.   Last night we were teaching his sister and he came in and sat in on the lesson.  We were a little worried that he didn't have a super sting testimony, but I knew he had a little one.  During this lesson his sister asked how he know this was true and correct.  This was the moment of truth, he said he got down on his knees after reading and sincerely asked if this was right and true.  He said he felt a burning in his chest that he can't even explain and almost started crying.  The Spirit was so strong, in only these 3 short weeks he has grown to have such a strong testimony and wants to serve a mission.  It's such a miracle that he is already wanting to share the gospel only knowing it for three weeks."

Frequently getting used to a new culture is a big adjustment.  It's hard to never really feel clean, to frequently find bug's all over the floor,  your desk, the kitchen table . . . and usually on you too!  The food can be a challenge . . . sometimes who know's what you're eating . . . and maybe it's better that way!  Sometimes it's difficult to see behind the humble circumstances, the meager and different possessions than we're accustomed to.  One missionary commented that at the first baptism it was difficult to see beyond the dead bugs floating in the water.  But through the power of the Spirit was able to see the joy and happiness experienced by this newly baptized member by receiving these ordinances through the proper priesthood authority.  So grateful for that power of the Spirit!

Okay . . . I'm going to say it . . . our missionaries get robbed sometimes.  It happens in big cities everywhere . . . on every continent.  Maybe our missionaries get robbed just a little bit more often than some others . . . But even good can come from these experiences.

"I'm not going to lie, after we got robbed other night, I was having doubts about whether or not I was strong enough to finish my mission, about whether or not I would be able to do this for the rest of the time.  I was sad about the loss of my scriptures, sad about not feeling safe, sad about everything.  But then the next morning at church, a random family stopped by with . . .  my scriptures!! They had found them in the street and brought them back to me.  I have no idea how it happened, how they found them, how they knew to come to the church building, but I got my scriptures back and it was a miracle.  And it gave me the moral boost to keep going!  I'm grateful for all the experiences that I've had." 

Truly the Lord knows each one of us and our needs!

Another experience . . . as missionaries act upon their faith . . .

While working with a new investigator, one has has been actively involved for a long time in the Adventista Church, but who had been progressing well with the missionary discussions and even scheduled a date for her baptism, found she was experiencing some doubts and turned to to our Heavenly Father in prayer to help her resolve her doubts.  One day she was scheduled to meet with the missionaries as well as members of the Adventista Church who were trying to influence her studies and decisions and was worried about how to proceed.  She asked in prayer if her Heavenly Father would send the representatives of the true church to her home first, so that she might know which church our Heavenly Father wanted her to join.  Our missionaries not only showed up first, but the other representatives didn't come to visit her at all.  She was very grateful for a Heavenly Father who answered her prayers and sent the witness of the Holy Ghost to help bring her to a knowledge of the true gospel of Jesus Christ.

Something very dear to the heart of missionaries everywhere is a prepared investigator.  

After one lesson this investigator read the whole pamphlet and even filled out the little extra study questions.  He understood todays lesson on the Restoration very well since he had studied the pamphlet so carefully.  When the missionaries asked him if he had any questions he asked them if his questions had to pertain to the pamphlet, of course not they replied . . . he then asked how and when he could be baptized.  When the missionaries inquired why he wanted to be baptized, he replied, "well, I read the pamphlet and I have read parts of the Book of Mormon, and so I said a prayer and asked if this was a true church, and I felt really different and warm and good.  And I knew it was the Spirit.  I want to be baptized and someday serve a mission".  

The workings of the Spirit . . .

"In the afternoon, we went to the river for a baptism where the Spirit was so strong.  Then we took that Spirit with us to an inactive family's home.  We knew it was the mom's birthday and thought, "let's go make her feel loved".  This was a family we had visited many times but they were never interested in returning to church, but this time we went with about 15 members and all six missionaries.  We just flooded into the house and sang hymns and happy birthday to them all.  Perhaps they felt like the church was literally in their house, or they saw some members that they hadn't seen for a long while.  But they felt something.  With the singing, she just began to weep, then her husband also and their young daughter.  The daughter had been going to church for many months all alone and was praying that her family could reactivate.  The Spirit was so strong.  They vowed to go to church next Sunday, and all of us, members and missionaries, left with the sweetest feeling inside.  I didn't speak almost all day.  I just wanted to feel like that forever.

God is our Loving Heavenly Father - 

All are precious in the sight of our Heavenly Father.  All are his children.  Truly God is, our loving Heavenly Father.  He wants all to return to him and enjoy the blessings of exaltation and eternal life.  This is the one and only way to return to the Father.  Each has the opportunity to ponder the sweet gospel message our in their minds, pray over their problems and challenges.  Pray for guidance from above.

We are blessed by the soothing and calming influence of the scriptures.  The witness of the Holy Ghost will testify of truth if we ask with real intent.  Asking sincerely, committing to take action once we have received an answer to our prayers.  A commitment to follow the example of our Savior Jesus Christ and be baptized by immersion, for the remission of our sins.  This is the way.  This is the message that we share.

You too can come to accept and act upon these precepts.  You too can know that the message is true.  God does live.  God has not forgotten his children.  He lives and loves each one of them and is ready and willing to bless them as they seek Him out.  

 Behold, I would exhort you that when ye shall read these things, if it be wisdom in God that ye should read them, that ye would remember how amerciful the Lord hath been unto the children of men, from the creation of Adam even down until the time that ye shall receive these things, and bponder it in your chearts.
 And when ye shall receive these things, I would exhort you that ye would aask God, the Eternal Father, in the name of Christ, if these things are not btrue; and if ye shall ask with a csincere heart, with dreal intent, having efaith in Christ, he will fmanifest thegtruth of it unto you, by the power of the Holy Ghost.
 And by the power of the Holy Ghost ye may aknow the btruth of all things.
-- Moroni 10: 3-5

For more information:
The Mormons

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We are Hastening the Work!

It's a great time to be a Missionary - 

It's a great time to be a missionary . . .  I'm sure throughout all ages it has been a wondrous and a marvelous work to be inovoled in.  Our children are descendants of the early church history missionary, Parley P. Pratt.  What amazing lessons we have learned as we read about his life.  There can be no better example of dedication to the Lord and sharing the gospel message than this amazing missionary.  The more we learn of him, the more we see what incredible missionaries the church was blessed with right from the beginning.

        (the zone leaders of La Ceiba, Tocoa and Miramar with Area President Carlos H. Amado)

But truly in these times . . .

We can see that the work is being hastened every day.

We have been so blessed these last several weeks to be the recipients of several visits to our area of General Authorites who come bearing significant and wondrous gospel messages for our missionaries.

Many of you are probably aware that Elder Quentin L. Cook, Elder Ulisses Soares, of the Seventy, and other General Authoriies of the church recently completed a tour of Central America where they spoke to thousands of missionaries about the great task ahead of them.

Words of the Apostles and Prophets - 

We can learn much from their words.

We were very blessed to have Elder Soares, of the Presidency of the Seventy, visit both the East and the West San Pedro Sula Missions along with Elder Adrian Ochoa of the 2nd Quorum of the Seventy.  Their wives accompanied them and it was a great experience to be able to hear from them also.  What dedicated women as they support the extremely busy lives of their husbands!

Elder Soares taught from the Book of Ether. He said that the Brother of Jared hewed out the stones in great faith so that the Lord could do what was necessary to provide light in the barges. (See Ether 3:1-6.)
“Think of your missions as the rock,” he continued. “You have to cut [the rock] by planning, working, studying and obeying. The stones represent all the work that we can do in the mission. After we have done all that we can do, we ask the Lord to touch the stones so that we can see the miracles.”

Elder Quentin L. Cook included in his remarks to missionaries in Central America, "You are working at a time when the Lord's work is greatly hastened".  “Central America is a strong area of the world that is growing in convert baptisms and activity of the members,” “Remarkable things are happening there. The whole area is a great example of the hastening of the work in the Church.”  He concluded by saying that all members have a duty to share the message of the gospel with all those they come in contact with!  In other words . . .

Doctrine & Covenants 28:16 - 

"And thou must open thy mouth at all times, declaring my gospel with the sound of rejoicing."

We need to "open our mouths" at every opportunity!

Elder Cook also had kind words to say about our area presidency, The Central America Area Presidency is teaching, training, and testifying in a way that is building the kingdom in that region of the world".  He was speaking of Area President, Carlos H. Amado, Elder Kevin R. Duncan, and Elder Adrian Ochoa.

In addition Elder Cook emphasized four topics:

1. You have been called as emissaries of the Savior, so love His children. Love all people.
2. Love and respect your companion.
3. Love your mission president and his wife.
4. Love the Lord. 

“There has never been a time when it is more important for you to become part of the wards and branches where you are assigned. Know the people. Be a part of the spiritual direction of the ward.”

We felt so privileged in the next few weeks to enjoy a mission tour with our wonderful area president, Elder Carlos H. Amado.  He spoke to our missionaries as they gathered in three different groups.  The missionaries found him a delightful, entertaining and a very inspiring teacher.  We truly feel so blessed to have spent this time being taught by the spirit through the words of this uplifting man.  Many of our missionaries had the opportunity to be greeted personally by him, shaking his hand, seeing his face as he expressed his kindness and concern for each.

(Zones - La Paz, Pineda, Satelite)

(Zones - Olanchito, Tocoa, La Ceiba and Miramar)

(Zones - Progreso Norte, Progreso Sur, Santa Rita)

Some of the highlights of President Amados remarks include :

  • Have a continual prayer in your hearts - be willing to ask, how can I be a better missionary? How can I find more people?
  • Have faith Heavenly Father can hear your prayers.  Our Heavenly Father can hear billions of prayers all at the same time, I don't know how, but I know that he can.
  • The importance of the continual guidance of the Spirit!  Missionaries must bring the Spirit, they can't teach all by themselves . . . let the Spirit teach!  When you study and plan, listen to the Spirit, it's your mission, your area - not the Mission Presidents.  He is there to support you!  Also very important . . . "We can't teach by the Spirit, what we haven't learned by the Spirit".  Be teachable.

(You can tell each missionary was enjoying our time with Elder Amado tremendously)

Be a part of the work . . .

Join with missionaries and members everywhere as we each have an important part to  -

"Hasten the Work of Salvation"

(Time to depart - both spiritually and physically well fed!)

Aren't they all so amazing!
If I do even say so myself . . .