San Pedro Sula East Mission
2013 - 2016

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Welcome to Honduras!

(currently duplicate posting on our personal
blog as well as here on our mission blog,
I'm sure one of these days we'll figure out 
how to separate them!)

I have about a minute to share a few photos
from the last few days!
We were able to meet a few of the missionaries bound for 
San Pedro Sula East mission just as we were leaving the MTC.
Sadly, the MTC staff only were able to get the message to half of our group
to come to the meeting place so we could only meet with half
of the missionaries that we were aware of that have received
calls to serve in our mission.
(cell phone photos . . . guess I'm destined to share them for the 
next three years.  Hopefully they'll be interspersed with some better quality ones
from time to time:)

A glimpse of Belize as we were flying by . . .

Our first sights of Honduras!
We already have a favorite dinner spot - 
On their way out of town we were able to dine 
with President and Hma. Veirs who shared so much with us
to help us prepare for this great assignment.
Thank goodness we took home a doggie bag . . . haven't made it to the grocery 
store since we arrived on Thursday morning!

The brushing of the teeth is just not the same . . .

From inside looking out . . .

From inside out . . .
One of the views from our window . . .


We leave today for meetings to 
greet the missionaries all over the mission. We'll be traveling for the next
five days!

We've haven't even unpacked from our arrival which
maybe is a good thing now that I think about.

So many impressions to share from the 
Mission Presidents Seminar
and also our arrival in Honduras.

But enjoy this little preview :)


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