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Monday, June 24, 2013

The Time has Come . . . The Time is Now . . .

Well . . .

Ready or not  - off we go!

Checked in at the MTC on Saturday morning.  We are feeling pretty amazed, uplifted, inspired -
yes, all of the above.

We wondered how they would manage to teach us everything we would need to know in a 5 day seminar in order to care for 150-250 young 18-25 year old missionaries in a third world country.  But they are packing our days pretty full.  From early morning to late nights . . . we have the opportunity to be trained by the best of the best of the best.

There is so much I could say but would like to share just a few thoughts . . .

We were very privileged on Sunday morning to attend a Sacrament meeting with the First Presidency of the Church and Quorum of the Twelve, plus many other General Authorities and members of the Missionary Department.  It honestly was one of the most thought provoking, heart stirring experiences I've had opportunity to participate in. (for those not of my faith - I'm including a few definitions below).

I have difficulty describing exactly what it was that brought the Spirit so strongly to the meeting . . .  truly it was in fact part that we were in the company of such greatness, but it was even more
than that . . .

I reflect upon the magnificent choir who provided both prelude and musical numbers, upon the 20 something clean cut, handsome, glowing young missionaries who passed the sacrament, the sacredness of the work that is rolling forth, the degree of sacrifice and diligence present in such a compact space . . . who knows what it was, but it was incredible.  Only a few times in my life have I been able to catch a glimpse that extends beyond our mortal world, and this was one of the few times.

I want to say something to the mothers of all missionaries - any of the ones I describe could be yours.

As I looked at the beautiful sisters and the handsome young men of the choir who sang and touched the hearts of each of us . . . They were amazing.  They were beyond perfect.  I think their moms would be so proud if they could see them.

As I looked at the worthy young missionary priesthood holders, blessed to be asked to participate in the sacrament service of the day (can you imagine blessing the sacrament and passing to the members present, of which we were the least of the gathering??)  I think their moms would be so proud if they could see them.

But they could not . . . so just let me say that 173 moms watched and partook, and were so proud.

I can't think of a photo anywhere that would do justice to this post . . . but I'm including the two photos I have of the choir from the devotional, "The Work of Salvation" that was broadcast that evening.  One of the sea of sisters.  One of the Elders.

They will have to suffice.



[In The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the First Presidency is the presiding, or governing authority of the church. It usually consists of the President of the Church and two counselors. The counselors assist the church president and work closely with him in guiding the entire church.

In The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church), the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles are apostles, with the calling to be prophets, seers, and revelatorsevangelical ambassadors, and special witnesses of Jesus Christ.

In The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church), a general authority is a member of the highest levels of leadership in the church[1] who has administrative and ecclesiastical authority over the church.

Partaking of the sacrament is an ordinance in the LDS faith. To partake of the sacrament often is to be in obedience to the command of Jesus Christ and to allow members the opportunity to demonstrate their willingness to remember the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ.[2]
The sacrament is offered on a weekly basis during sacrament meeting]

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