San Pedro Sula East Mission
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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

19 Days and Counting . . .

Once again we find ourselves juggling boxes, changing closets and accumulating piles . . .

Piles to go to Honduras.

Piles to be packed into suitcases.

Piles to go to storage.

Piles to be packed up and stored in closets.

Really we have just 19 days . . . and yes, we are counting each and every one of them

DSC03272 DSC03271 DSC03270 DSC03269 DSC03268

Just 19 days . . .

Until all this stuff is shipped, the bags will be packed and we will be on our way
to the MTC (Missionary Training Center for those unfamiliar with the LDS language terms)
for a 5 day seminar.

Our other dilemma is suitcases or duffle bags?  This shows our travel differences . . .
Kristin opted for the duffle bags . . . Norm for the suitcases . . .
We'll see which turns out to be the most flexible choice . . .


About our upcoming Mission President's Seminar at the MTC which begins June 22 -

During our interview President Henry B. Eyring "joked" with us that they will share with us everything we need to know to manage, inspire and watch care for 150-250 missionaries for the next three years.

"Good Luck with that" he smiled as he said those words :)

Although the teachers and trainers just don't get any better than the Quorum of the Twelve, the First Presidency and the Missionary Department.

The days are going faster and faster .  . .

If you would like to join us as a Senior Couple
You'll find all the scoope at -
Come Serve a Senior Mission in Honduras!
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