San Pedro Sula East Mission
2013 - 2016

Thursday, September 19, 2013


Once again it's been an amazing week of adventure, tumultuous times, new arrivals and many mini-miracles.  Just wanted to share this photo of all our new arrivals!!

We had missionaries arrive from three different MTC's this time around.

The Guatemala CCM -

The Mexico City CCM -

and the Provo MTC.

Which means we spent a great deal of time in the airport and greeted three different flights.

We actually missed greeting our 18 new missionaries arriving from the Guatemala CCM as their flight arrived at 6 am, and our schedule from the CCM said they were arriving at 10 am.  So one of our mini miracles was that a member of the church happened to be in the airport and by contacting her home ward was able to track down a number for one of our Assistants.  Whew!  Thank goodness we have members watching out for our missionaries ALL over the world!!


Once we found out their flight had arrived we dropped everything and rushed to the airport.  Fortunately we had everyone assembled, sister trainer leaders, assistants - and we were just putting the finishing touches on the preparations for the day.

Next to arrive was our elder from the States, coming from Provo!


He also managed to clear customs in record time!  We planned for another elder just recently arrived from the same hometown to greet him with us.  Here are our two Sandy, Utah elders.  We lived in Sandy for many years.  Not far from these elders home and families.  Small world . . . . we are personal friends with one of the elders Stake Presidents.  That's always a nice feeling!


Here we are with the six missionaries that arrived from the Mexico City CCM, as well as our elder from Provo.

This makes 26 new missionaries, 11 new sisters, and 15 new elders.

Tomorrow they will meet their new companions - and off they will go to their areas.

But first they are in for a long day of orientation, training, an opportunity to go contact and greet many of the people of the community here, and much good food!

Welcome to the Honduras, San Pedro Sula East Mission!


We are so glad you are here!

It has been the greatest pleasure to already greet and visit with each one of these fine young missionaries.  They each arrive with great enthusiasm, a desire to share the gospel, and an amazing testimony.  We can see that these missionaries are especially blessed, and especially prepared to serve in the latter-days.  The time is coming quickly.  We don't have as much time for preparations, yet they are being prepared by the Lord for their time of service.  

We have seen young missionaries with not a lot of time in the mission already accomplish great things.  We know that this is our Heavenly Father's work.  We know that when much is expected, many blessings are received.  We know that we are strengthened daily for the work.  We know that whom the Lord calls, he qualifies.  We see his hand every day.  We see him pour his blessings of protection out upon our missionaries every day.  We know this is the Lords work.

And we are grateful.

Grateful to be serving in this time

in this place

with these fine young missionaries.

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