San Pedro Sula East Mission
2013 - 2016

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Exciting things going on . . .

It's been a time of great transition in this mission . . .

When we received our call to serve as Mission President and wife back in December 2012, the San Pedro Sula mission had 180ish currently serving missionaries.  By the time we arrived in the mission at the end of June 2013 the numbers had grown to approximately 260 missionaries.

After the division we each began the missions East and West with about 130 missionaries each.

Both missions now have about 155 missionaries serving in each mission.

The ranks are indeed swelling!

By the end of the year we should be close to 230 missionaries in each mission.  A net gain for the area over a years time  . . .

 . . . going from 180 to 460 missionaries.

I think we are going to see some amazing things happen with the missionary work here in the San Pedro Sula area!

It makes for some interesting aspects to consider . . .

The majority of our missionaries are now younger and have less experience, yet the caliber of our missionaries is incredible!  Those arriving with less time in the MTC or CCM are indeed called to serve!  They come with an anxious desire to get started in the work and with much enthusiasm.  They bring an incredible amount of energy that we are starting to see really surge through the mission.

But  . . . on the flip side . . .

Mission Leadership Council

We look at our mission leadership . . . these outstanding Elders and Sisters who lead and train by example . . . they are astounding.  Their experience is invaluable!


And by the end of the year . . . they will mostly be gone.

We are already so sad . . . it's hard to contemplate.


We now have four sister trainer leaders
(Hermanas Lederes Entreneadores we call them)

mlc 2

And our two Assistants
(or Asistentes)

Provide us invaluable counsel on all levels.
We can't imagine what we would do without them.


Fortunately . . . we can see some great leadership potential . . . just
waiting in the wings . . .

Stake Conferences

One of our many assignments is the opportunity to speak about our favorite topic in
Stake Conference . . .

Missionary Work!

It's a wonderful opportunity to share a testimony of the gospel and generate excitement in the members as they increase their efforts to work alongside our missionaries.  We are amazed at the work they are getting done together.  We hear of wonderful miracles taking place from both the missionaries and the members as they combine their efforts.  "Hastening the Work" is happening here in the San Pedro Sula East Mission.

stake conf 1
(Futura Misionera . . . Stake Presidency . . . A Young Stake President and family)

One of the ways all the members travel to Stake Conference or other church meetings each week is through the local bus routes.  Here it's called the Ruta and everyone rides it.  Many still struggle to find the minimal fee to pay their way . . . so they can attend their meetings each Sunday.  Some wards are providing a bus so that their members can make the long trip to worship each week.

Not a school bus but public transportation


(the gathering crowd)


(a few excellent missionaries laboring in the Satelite Stake)


I'll leave you with a few fun photos . . .

Every once in a while I catch a glimpse of this matched pair outside my window . . . definitely one of the most beautiful sides to Honduras are the variety of birds and other varied and sundry wildlife.

A matched pair . . .

They do have the MOST unusual cows here . . .


Usually we find ourselves in a different town,
different ward or branch for 
Sunday meetings each week.  

We love to visit and see where each of our missionaries labor
each day.  

One thing we can count on . . .

It's always a blessing in our lives.

It's always an adventure . . .

Me . . . in Honduras

I have yet to find the appropriate shoes
for all of these occasions.
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