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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Transfers and Tips for Terrific Missionaries

The Missionary Adventure - 

Everyday is an adventure here in the mission field . . . while each mission around the world has it's own unique fingerprint and blessings and challenges . . . there can be no doubt that here in Honduras each day is a blessing and an adventure.  You never know what is going to happen . . .

I'm sure it comes as no surprise that we, and the missionaries lead a challenging life full of the up days and the down days . . . the "high five" experiences and the really "I don't think I can do this any more" experiences . . .

My heart goes out daily to the many missionaries who are struggling with real life challenges . . . sad things . . . health problems . . . . under the best of circumstances here in Honduras . . . the missionary life is a challenge.   But they keep getting up every day . . .

And for EVERY SINGLE DAY that they get up, are obedient to the many missionary rules, hit the streets of Honduras, and share their valiant testimonies with another person . . . we are extremely grateful and so proud of their efforts.

(We say goodbye to 6 wonderful missionaries as they head for home
and their final transfer)

The Challenges are Real - 

I really don't feel like there is one missionary in the bunch who doesn't have a desire to serve our Heavenly Father.  And no doubt . . . some are a little further advanced when it comes to figuring out what the life of a missionary is all about . . . but what do you expect . . . they are 18-25 years old, with a larger and larger number of them in the 18-20 age bracket.  They still have MANY life's lessons yet to learn.  But they are learning . . .

But one things for sure . . . the majority of these missionaries find great joy and fulfillment in being the instrument that brings another to a knowledge of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Many have come to realize . . .
that serving a mission . . .
is not a sacrifice . . . but a privilege.  

Hints and Tips to a Successful Mission - 

That said . . . here are 11 hints and tips to a successful mission!
Penned by LDS writer Jason F. Wright, Deseret News.

(Enjoy the photos from our most recent RAINY transfer day)

Be obedient — period

1. Be obedient — period. Following mission rules brings blessings you cannot fathom until you are immersed in obedience. Learn the rules and follow them.

Don't judge

2. Don’t judge. At times, you will feel tempted to judge other missionaries and their efforts. Remember, your skills and natural abilities may be different than those you serve with. Their best effort doesn’t need to be good enough for you; it needs to be good enough for the Lord.

(It's a rainy day outside but the missionaries still gather with excitement.  They
always have many questions for our office elders.  They keep them running
every minute!)

Be obedient every minute of every day

3. Be obedient every minute of every day. You are unlikely to meet returned missionaries who were obedient but still regret their missions. But you will certainly encounter others who were never consistently obedient and never found the promised success and happiness. Being obedient doesn't mean you won't have difficult days, but it does mean more much success and happiness than otherwise.

Serve your companions

4. Serve your companions. Iron their shirts, make their beds and shine their shoes. If you’re blessed to be assigned a more challenging personality or someone who’s struggling, serve them even more.

Be obedient — even in the small things

5. Be obedient — even in the small things. Obedience is the only frequency that the Spirit operates in. Be sure you’re dialed in every time you walk out your front door to share the gospel.

(After transfer meeting they all head back to their areas in a
combination of buses and taxis - even in the pouring rain!)

Give praise

6. Give praise. Tell your companions, especially the challenging ones, that you think they're great missionaries and, eventually, they will be. At some point you will inevitably be assigned the companion with the “reputation.” Let them know you’ve only heard terrific things about them and offer a clean slate. When your mission is complete, be the one who says every single companion he had was amazing.

Be obedient

7. Be obedient. You will make mistakes and grow better each day at effectively teaching the gospel. But while you can't be perfect in all things, you can be perfectly obedient.


8. Love. Love those you teach with all your heart, even the ones who ultimately reject the message. You will plant seeds that may not be harvested for months or years by others who will come after. But you'll harvest some that were planted by missionaries now home, married and gray.

Exercise faith

9. Exercise faith that obedience leads to greater success. If you have faith in this principle, you will see it unfold in miraculous ways.

Love each and every day

10. Love each and every day. Young missionaries only get this opportunity to serve 24/7. Leave nothing behind and don't regret a single day.

Be yourself

11. Be yourself! Smile! Laugh! Have fun! Sometimes elders and sisters think that obedience and the black name tag means you’re required to shelf your personality and become ultra serious. The Lord doesn’t want us to be different people — he wants us to be better versions of ourselves.

(President Klein and I with a few missionaries who still needed their final interview at the office)

At the bus stop . . .
Ready to hit the streets of the Honduras San Pedro Sula East Mission.

Way to go Elders y Hermanas -

Love you all!!

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