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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Personal Time with our Missionaries!

We have a goal, it's a mighty and difficult one to be sure . . . we want to  spend some individual time with all the missionaries!

We try to gather small groups as best we can so we can get to know each missionary better and have some kind of fun interaction with them during their service here in the San Pedro Sula East Mission.  Usually we prepare a personal message with thoughts that will help them in their service or lift and inspire with particular challenges they may have going on at the moment.

gatherings 1

If we can we like to get all members of the group involved in some way, to share a testimony, or a spiritual thought, a song or hymn that they like . . . and even helping with the preparations to set things up or clean up.

Sometimes we have the opportunity to have missionaries whose areas are within a reasonable travel distance come to the home to visit.  It's not something we can do on our new missionary arrival days as we are located so far from the airport, and so far from where we do all our orientation and where the missionaries stay the night to prepare for the upcoming transfer meeting the next day.

We love the opportunity for a little one on one interaction with the missionaries and the opportunity to provide them with a home-cooked meal, or something that resembles a home-cooked meal!  It's been one of our most fun mission opportunities so far.

gatherings 3

The difficulty lies in that most missionaries are not assigned within visiting distance of the Mission Home in San Pedro Sula.  So we try to incorporate these smaller gatherings whenever mission business takes us outside of San Pedro Sula to other areas of the mission.

AND slowly but surely we're working our way around . . .

gatherings 2

Here's just a glimpse of some of the goings on . . .

gatherings 4

(Sadly I'm realizing I didn't get photos of all the different groups . . . but we'll try to do better!)

These last two photos are a little impromptu gathering . . . as we all had to spend half a day in the
Honduras Immigration office
taking care of Visa busines . . .

IMG_3156 IMG_3159

At least, if you have to wait a
half day in the VISA immigration 
office  - 

It's so nice that we could wait together!

And it wasn't time wasted for sure . . .

I saw at least three different missionary discussions taking
place during the time we spent there.

Way to go Elders and Sisters!!

Union Square Plan of Salvation

I also wanted to include a link to a pretty awesome missionary opportunity -

New York City missionaries created a unique mural on the
sidewalks of Union Square!

Pretty creative I must admit - loved to see the opportunities in this video!

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