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Thursday, April 11, 2013

I'm not feelin' too good . . .

Those are words that I imagine I will come to hear on an all too frequent basis . . .

As a mom of four children, I know that almost always, at least one of them isn't feelin' too good at any particular time.  So multiply that by 200 missionaries . . . and I'm sure it can challenge the nursing skills of any . . .

Mission President's Wife!

So I thought it would be funny to include this update along those lines from my good friend Lori in Guatalajara Mexico.  You can follow her adventures online in her always inspiring blog posts!

So my life has come down to this . . .  ?
Included in the week of interviews were, of course, telephone calls from all the sick/injured missionaries.  (Wes gets a lot of calls too, but all of his are confidential. However, if I had one piece of advice for new missionaries it would be—repent BEFORE going on your mission! It makes life so much easier for everyone.)
But here is a sampling of calls I have recently received . . .

“My companion just fainted. ”
“I have been constipated now for TEN days!!”
“I have a rash on a very sensitive part of my body.”
“A little boy in the ward gave me a ring and I put it on my finger. It is now stuck and turning my finger purple.
“I was walking down the street and ran into a metal pole and split my head open.”
And my least favorite was a call from the zone leaders on the coast around ten at night, a week ago Saturday  . . .
“So did the sisters tell you what is going on with them?’
“Well, you know how you sent Sister P to the hospital because she kept vomiting? Well, she just called and said they told her she needs emergency surgery. She and her companion are totally freaking out. Should we go over
At 2 in the morning I received a follow up call from the zone leaders saying they decided to wait until morning for surgery. Around 10 the next morning the senior couple (who I called and asked to please go to the hospital) called and said the sister was doing better so they weren’t going to do surgery after all. (Hooray for that!!)

Oh . . .

Can I say, I'm so excited I can hardly wait :D

I am an RN, and I do feel very blessed to have expertise in the medical field, and a good background in assessment skills etc.   And I can delivery a baby in the dark without to many worries . . . . (You never know WHEN that might come in handy in a third world country!!)

But I'm getting a little worried about the Missionary Medical side of things.
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